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Aboriginal Employment Opportunities

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A Few Things You Should Know Before Seeking Out Aboriginal Contractors

If you’re looking to build a workforce for a construction project in Sydney, you might not know that you’re in a position to create Aboriginal employment opportunities. The team at INDIGIDEMO are committed to connecting project managers around Sydney with hardworking Aboriginal contractors. We thought we’d help you streamline your hiring process by cluing you in on a few things you should know before contracting Aboriginal labour hire.

Considerations To Make Before Finding Aboriginal Labour Hire

Before you seek out Indigenous people for your next project, there are a few things you’ll need to consider.

  • How many people do you need? Whether you only need one or two people or you need to fill several positions, INDIGIDEMO can help. We have plenty of Indigenous contractors ready to start work, so let us know how many people you need for the job, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • How do you plan on hiring? If you’re hiring several people for different positions, you’re going to waste a lot of time and money creating job advertisements and vetting workers. Fortunately, our contractors have already been background checked and had their qualifications verified, so they’re ready to work when you’re ready to start. 

  • Do you understand the benefits of providing Aboriginal job opportunities? When you hire Aboriginal labourers, you can better your workplace’s cross-cultural understanding, help to close the unemployment gap, access government subsidies, and fill your team with friendly, talented people.

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How Can Your Hiring Process Help Close The Gap?

While the unemployment gap in NSW decreased between 2016 and 2019, there remains a gap of around 20% between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Here’s how you can help close the gap.

  • Make an effort to supply Aboriginal jobs in Sydney. If you have vacancies open and believe you can combat disadvantage in your area, advertise job vacancies for Indigenous applicants.

  • Contact INDIGIDEMO. One sure-fire way to provide Aboriginal employment opportunities is contacting businesses like INDIGIDEMO. We’ll connect you with skilled and unskilled Aboriginal labour-hire, so you can fill your vacancies quickly. 

  • Make an effort to appeal to First Nations applicants. The more culturally aware your business is, the more likely you are to retain Indigenous employees. Perhaps consider asking your employees what it means to be Aboriginal and work in the construction industry. Make sure you ask what your Aboriginal workers expect from an employer and do your best to further your understanding of Indigenous issues.

Why Partner With INDIGIDEMO? 

INDIGIDEMO are here to make your life easier by supplying experienced labourers for your construction projects. 

  • We cater to almost any job. No matter what positions you need to be filled, INDIGIDEMO has experienced Indigenous contractors capable of taking on the job. We can supply labourers for office strip outs, minor demolition jobs, waste removal and bin hire, concrete cutting, and other skilled and unskilled labouring jobs.

  • Our contractors are all qualified and ready to work. At INDIGIDEMO, we do the paperwork for you, and we make sure all our contract labourers have been vetted and background checked before hitting the job site.

  • We back our contractors 100%. When you need Aboriginal labour-hire, you can find the very best people at INDIGIDEMO. Our contractors are all hardworking, reliable, dedicated individuals, and we’re confident in their skills and abilities. If you want a team of Aboriginal contractors to put your faith in, INDIGIDEMO can sort you out. 

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If You’re Looking To Hire Aboriginal Contractors For Your Next Job, Contact INDIGIDEMO

At INDIGIDEMO, our goal is a simple one. We want to connect project managers and site managers in Sydney with hardworking Indigenous labourers in the area. Not only will you be fulfilling your Aboriginal Participation in Construction and Indigenous Procurement Policy targets, but you’ll also be helping to close the gap by providing Indigenous jobs in Sydney. INDIGIDEMO is a proudly Indigenous-owned and operated business, and we’re fortunate to have many dedicated, Aboriginal contractors working with us. If you’re interested in contracting Aboriginal labour-hire for your next project, don’t hesitate to contact INDIGIDEMO today.